#XMAS JAMMIES — Apply This To Your Blog

ENV2 offers users the ability to upload videos from mobile devices to a live stream.

Wish your blog was doing more for you? Maybe it’s time to stop sending lame-ass Christmas cards like everyone else: Which song would you use for your music video, if you were to do one? I’d hafta go with Notorious B.I.G.’s Juicy. Swear to God, I’ve had it mapped out in my head for the […] The post #XMAS JAMMIES — Apply This To Your Blog appeared first on lazy mlm….#XMAS JAMMIES — Apply This To Your Blog

Finally, ENv2 features a brand new conversion app capable of allowing bloggers to restrict access to certain material to only users who have attained a certain level on the blog. This is just another feature which gives bloggers and writers the ability to control their content and provide “upsell opportunity” to their client-base (this is huge!).

Mobile Blogging Platform env2 blogging


About blogmobilebeast

I love blogging and now venturing into mobile blogging platform with the Blog Beast, Env2. Come and join me!

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