Told Ya So – Proof I’m Not Just Blowin’ Smoke

Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENv2) will offer users a number of other innovative and original features that will help it gain an edge over many of its competitors.

Here’s a follow-up to the network marketing catch-22 video I shot this morning. Funny how, only a few hours after I posted it, I got an email and saw a post from one of my mentors that totally backed up everything I’d said. You don’t need jaw-dropping social proof to lure new team members in. […]…Told Ya So – Proof I’m Not Just Blowin’ Smoke

Finally, ENv2 features a brand new conversion app capable of allowing bloggers to restrict access to certain material to only users who have attained a certain level on the blog. This is just another feature which gives bloggers and writers the ability to control their content and provide “upsell opportunity” to their client-base (this is huge!).

New technology in Mobile marketing env2 blogging


About blogmobilebeast

I love blogging and now venturing into mobile blogging platform with the Blog Beast, Env2. Come and join me!

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