Blog Beast Review aka ENV2 by Empower Network

ImageMany of us who have been expecting the big Blog Beast soon to be launched (by Empower Network), are sitting on the edges of our seats with excitement. We are all avid bloggers. Some of us are just starting out. But the other thing that connects us is our exasperation with existing blogging platforms.

Blogging is becoming more and more complicated with platforms like WordPress stumping even seasoned bloggers. What happened to the simple, user-friendly process that blogging was supposed to be?

With current blogging platforms, these are some of the issues:

· A million different plug-ins

· Long learning curves to go through. Many of us do not have that kind of time.

· These platforms also alienate other people who want to blog – like my grandmother, for instance, who wants to blog about her wine making, but is scared away by the technical jargon.

If you are frustrated with these aspects of blogging today, then Blog Beast may excite you. The makers of the product are aware of these issues. They saw our problems, had an idea for a solution, and then went ahead and spent $3 million to put the solution into practice.

So what is Blog Beast?

It is to be a viral blogging system launched by Empower Network. Blog Beast is actually Empower Network 2 (ENV2), an improvement over the original blogging system and publishing platform. It will be a second generation system that will try to solve the problems of other blogging systems and it will cost $25 a month.

Another feature of the new ENV2 is its marketing system. If you are an existing user of the old Empower Network, then you will be migrated to the new system on Oct 7th, 4 days before the public release on October 11th.

There is also an associated affiliate program that you can be a part of. It has about 30,000 affiliates plus 150,000 customers to date in less then 2 years from birth. The affiliates have apparently been making hundreds of thousands of dollars since Empower Network was launched in 2011.(Results not typical, see Income Disclaimer) This makes the blogging platform exciting and multi-functional.

New Features of Blog Beast

Some of the features that this system will have are already announced. They are to be an improvement over the older Empower Network blogging system.

1. Easier audio/video blogging: You know how many steps are involved in trying to post podcasts, audio or video clips recorded from your phone, right? That is why the audio/video feature of the new system is so attractive. A mobile app will allow users to easily record video or audio clips that they want to blog about. They can also post these clips from either their smartphone or computer in two clicks.

2. Maintaining Multiple Blogs: You can have several blogs across many domains and still maintain them from your single account. For someone who maintains a business blog, a personal blog and several marketing blogs across domains, this will provide great relief in managing them all.

3. Easier Mobile Blogging: ENV2 will have better synching between the computer and smartphone for users to be able to blog easily from their mobile devices.

4. Easier Reblogging: When you like a post by another blogger, and want to discuss it on your own blog, it might be easier to do on ENV2. You can post content from the blog you like while still giving credit to the original author.

5. Easier Sharing of Content: If you want to share a particular blog post across social media channels like Twitter or Facebook, ENV2 makes it easier to do. You can share the post and the comments and link back to the original post.

6. Content Locking Features for Restricting Access: This feature will be useful for product marketers who want to urge readers to a Call to Action before they are allowed to read ahead. This is the feature that online paid journals use, and it can benefit bloggers who are creating valuable information products.

How Can Blog Beast Change How We Blog?

It is somewhat clear that the new system is to be a blogging platform that is more intuitive, much easier to use than the blogging platforms that are already available. ENV2 wants to be what WordPress originally wanted to be – a user-friendly blogging platform that anyone could use.

This is great news of course. And it is also a great prospect to be able to manage business from the phone, if the Empower Network promises pan out. It may be worthwhile finding out, because $25 a month is not breaking a bank, considering the winnings that some people have made through the affiliate programs.

Now it may just be a question of deciding whether to sign up for the Blog Beast system before the October 7 or wait for the public launch on October 11th.





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I love blogging and now venturing into mobile blogging platform with the Blog Beast, Env2. Come and join me!

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