Internet Marketing Coaching For e-Hustlers

Empower Network (EN) just pre-launched a new revolutionary product that will rock the online matrix. Along with their in-house IT team, co-founders David Wood and David Sharpe have spent over 18 months and 3 million dollars to develop this new platform.

Dearest Web Warrior, Whaddup, it’s Brad Campbell’s alter ego–Profit Pimp–here. And although I’m certain you’re not ready for this here jelly, I’m about to do the unthinkable.  And spread some peanut butter on it. See, I’ve been faithfully serving as your MLM coach for well over a year now. During that time, I marched this […]…Internet Marketing Coaching For e-Hustlers

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You: 15 Minutes Away From A $1,000 Per Month (Passive) Online Business

Or: “World’s Ugliest Website Generates Zero-Effort Income, Month After Month, For 3 Years Running…” Relax, this isn’t the newest make money online ClickBank product. No paid actors, green screen or highly hyped long form sales letter.  Pinky promise.  I’ll let my dirty, Dan, explain.  (Not as in he never showers, but as in a gangster […]…You: 15 Minutes Away From A $1,000 Per Month (Passive) Online Business

2. Mobile Audio/Visual Broadcasting – Record audio or a quick video on your phone, then post right from your Android or iPhone without techhy brouhaha or mechanical mumbo-jumbo.

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How Do Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

Hot copy allows you to ask that to your blog readers. That’s the kick we’re on.  Copywriting.  That thing that takes you from lonely and awkward to blogging Don Juan.  Closing deals.  Cooking eggs. “Thanks for the great time last night.” “No, no, pleasure’s all mine,” says your PayPal account. (Here’s mine.) [Play on playaaa.] […]…How Do Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

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Clobber Cliches, Backhand Boring (Or How To Get Licked And Dipped)

I preach a lot about SEO and getting ranked in Google. But it’s only half the battle.  The other half?  Your words.  Especially in network marketing, where prospects are literally sponsor shopping as I type. (Throw me in your cart.) You know what? Shopping’s actually a damn good way to think about this. Let’s say […]…Clobber Cliches, Backhand Boring (Or How To Get Licked And Dipped)

Finally, ENv2 features a brand new conversion app capable of allowing bloggers to restrict access to certain material to only users who have attained a certain level on the blog. This is just another feature which gives bloggers and writers the ability to control their content and provide “upsell opportunity” to their client-base (this is huge!).

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12:01 AM :: Just Switched From Coffee To Wine

What?  How’s a dude ever gonna get tired? Yep, I’m the idiot who chugged a half-a-pot of coffee at 10 pm.  I agree.  It was stupid. So now I’m overcompensating.  Don’t judge me. Anyways, 12:01 am. We’re one effing minute into April, 2014.  I finished up March with a big ol’ bang.  Thanks to Empower […]…12:01 AM :: Just Switched From Coffee To Wine

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MLM Coach Launches Mentoring Program

Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENv2) will offer users a number of other innovative and original features that will help it gain an edge over many of its competitors.

I’m not neglecting Lazy MLM. It’s just that, I don’t really need to blog anymore.  This thing’s running all over Google like a treadmill. My posts are superglued to page one. At this point, I couldn’t avoid commissions if I tried.  So I got to thinking: why not expand my rank and bank method into […]…MLM Coach Launches Mentoring Program

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Find Hill, Flip Bird, Collect Check

ENV2 offers users the ability to upload videos from mobile devices to a live stream.

If your blog isn’t generating the income you’d like it to, see this: That’s a damn-good analogy. I’ve been avoiding the hill for way too long. Even at $40,000 a month with this unsuspecting, plain Jane, money machine I call Lazy MLM, I find myself opting for the longer, slower, easier route most days. Yes, […]…Find Hill, Flip Bird, Collect Check

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